WinBatch v1.10  rev.049

by: M. Minoves

This application won the 1st prize of the Useful programming competition at The Gathering 2009 in Hamar, Norway.

winBATCH is a small but very useful and multi environment utility to have always in handy.

winBATCH is a programming language very easy to use and with a high abstraction level for Windows. This means that it is very easy and quick to write compared to other programming languages.

The purpose of it is to write small programs or scripts to automate tasks to perform for example repetitive tasks which are slow to do manually.

winBATCH is not thought as a development program but is an useful small tool to have in handy in many different environments, from programming to word processing or entertainment.

The name winBATCH comes from WINDOWS and BATCH which are the old .BAT files from the old DOS or MS-DOS. The winBATCH files are similar to the old .BAT but with many new possibilities that the .BAT files do not have. We could say that the winBATCH files are an updated version for Windows of what the .BAT files were for MS-DOS.

Although it exists already another utility with the same name, they are not related, and this one is really what the name says: Batch files for Windows as easy to program as the .BAT files.

We could classify the programs you can create with the winBATCH language into the following types:
1. Automation of processes when there is no user An example might be programming the computer to start up at a certain time, load programs from the TV tuner card, select the channel, record the appropriate channel, and finally on the right time or when it has finished recording, save everything and shut down your computer.
2. Performing repetitive tasks An example could be to remove the first character in every line of a document of our word document. Instead of having to jump line by line and delete the space, you can create a small program with winBATCH (only need 2 lines) that will do the work for you.
3. Simplify tasks for someone who has difficulties with computers: You can prepare and personalize a computer to make it easier for people with less computer skills having problems with computers. With it you can process and run a complicated process because the complicated process can be simplified to a single click.
4. Extend other Windows programs functionality: An example could be to convert documents. The word processor may not have the possibility to change or export a group of files together. That is, with winBATCH you can open every word processor document, change them one by one, and save them in another format if necessary, and all done automatically.
5. Changes and filtering within text files winBATCH also has commands that allow you to load a text file, apply different filters and change it. An example of this could be a language translation file.
6. Extracting data from a database file You can load a database of text files and export values or selections of items with references.

In addition winBATCH programs also let you create and encrypt the source code, and encrypted script can also run. Advanced users can create programs and distribute them protected. Encrypting the program users cannot view or modify the source code. Once encrypted it can be run just like before, but you can not edit or see without the encryption password.

The program has a build-in "syntax tip helper" on the botton left side to help users program and learn the commands and syntax.


This program is freeware and GNU.



Download here