MMeteo: Weather from and and GPS Ephemeris synchronization.


Program written by Marti Minoves
This program is free to use with a licence of GPL but for modification it is only needed to notify the author.

This program does the following:
-For all the internet connections it performs, it emulates exactly the Pocket Internet Explorer, in this way it is compatible to all Wap Flat rates like the o2flat from Germany, or o2 flat rate from UK.
-It sets itself to autostart the following day at updateTime, and also at middayStart and nightStart
(at updateTime (the first run of the day) is when it sets the autostarts for the following day)
-Once every EphemerisDaysToWait it downloads the file from URLephemeris and copies it to FILEephemeris
-Once per day, at updateTime, it updates form internet the files FILEaccuweather from URLaccuweather, and FILEwettercom from URLwettercom
-Once per day, at updateTime, it updates the HTCtoday plugin with information from FILEaccuweather
-Three times per day,at updateTime, at nightStart and at nightStart, it updates the HTCtoday Title with information from the file FILEwettercom
-Three times per day,at updateTime, at nightStart and at nightStart, it also updates the registry registerKey1/registerKey2 with the information taken from the file FILEwettercomToRead
(this is usefull for example to update the weather information from the program Slide2Unlock)
-It updates the registerKey1/registerKey2Userdata with the value registerKey2UserdataValue
-It also sets to autostart the program FILEprogramToStart to start at updateTime before updating from the files
-If you want more information about weather you can open locally with the pocket Internet Explorer the file FILEwettercom, and if you have the icons in the same folder you will also see the prediccions graphically (add the file to favorites or create a shortcut to the FILEwettercom

You can run only the functions of this program that you want by not setting any value in the .ini file
For example is if you want to use this program only to update automatically the Ephemeris you can delete the values of the URL in the .ini file.

Program Parameters:
/deactivate Eliminates the autostarts of this program.
/onlyupdate (or any other parameter) It works offline, updates only with the local files

If you get a WebException error, it is probably that your device is not connected correctly to internet or that you specified the URL wrong in the .ini file. Open them with your normal Explorer to check if they can open.
If you cannot open the MMeteo.exe download the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework

This program was written originally in Catalan language, but now it's been translated to English.


  1. Edit the file MMeteo.ini and enter the URL of your city. Read instructions there if you want to personalize / change functions.
  2. Copy MMeteo.exe and MMeteo.ini to your pda (usually at \MMeteo.exe and \MMeteo.ini)
  3. OPTIONAL: Copy the folder with the icons if you want to open the generated .html locally without an internet connection (ex. for german devices at \Speicherkarte\MMeteo\)
  4. OPTIONAL: If you want, create a link in the Start Menu to open the file wettercom.htm (an example of this link is included, named: MMeteoWettercom.htm.lnk)
  5. Start the program MMeteo.exe


Download program:


Download de source code: (Optional)


Download script to install in your server and reduce the generated traffic: (Optional)



Download the icons from (Optional)



If you like this program you can give me a beer! All donations are voluntary. They are all welcome and they help me buying time to keep updating.


Disclaimer: Use the content of this web page at your own risk. If you work for or, I want to tell you that this program is repecting all references to your web pages, and it promotes the utilitzation of your services and not other competitors. To avoid overuses of your servers, the weather info is checked only once a day.