Living in Greifswald

- since the oktober of 2005 I live in Greifswald  next to St.Nicolai Dom and since then I met many people, which are really cool like Iven,whose a teammate of my footballclub, where I try to get better

Iven(on the left) and me in the Mensa Club

St. Nicolai Dom



- Greifswald is small city with about 60ī000 inhabitants and 10ī000 of them are students like me,what makes Greifswald to a "young" city

- the buildings of the university cover the whole innercity, so I must only cycle 3 minutes from my flat to every institution I have to go to like the "Nordisches Institut" down here



- Greifswald lies at the beautiful Baltic Sea and in summer are there many students, which have beach partys


Itīs my first try to create a Homepage and I hope that someday it looks better than now.Okay,bye for now.Mirko For your statements: