Custom developments

Launch a challenge and we will take it.

Our 10 year experience in complex system modelling and design provide us with both technical expertise and a large contact network to find you the products and partners that best match with your specifications and QCD requirements.

Our added value relies on our capacity to design from scratch any critical component to meet the most stringent regulations and requirements for a given purpose.          [singular ˇa! electrificat com]



Technical advisory

For companies with ongoing projects that are beyond the planned QCD and want to take the project / production control again.

Interim engineering and advisory provides extra manpower in critical projects to meet the specifications within the time, cost and quality milestones while setting up a working methodology.

We have 5+ years experience in outsourcing and enhanced our methodology to fit virtually any project.             [tech ˇa! electrificat com]



Training sessions

Basic and advanced trainings on energy efficiency for vehicles and transportation. IoT, PHEV, Smart Grid, Smart City are advancing and the need to keep refreshed and updated on the latest technologies makes the difference.

We help shaping the company future by providing tailored education programs & workshops to improve its results at all levels. At ELECTRIFICAT we work on knowledge / research and have established procedures to communicate internally and manage these experiences that we like to share.              [jornades ˇa! electrificat com]




ELECTRIFICAT has set 3 pillars as a backbone: Efficiency, sport and environmental respect.

Our core expertise is on energy optimization and high efficiency systems. The best platform to validate and test is using it intensively, in case of vehicles making it fun and sporty. Respecting the environment is the only way we can keep our business in a sustainable way.

We promote our workers dedicating part-time on projects that fit within the company spirit and invite to share its experiences for a better world.                                                                [esprit ˇa! electrificat com]



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