"Telèfon WEB": A Finarea or Betamax Call Server PHP script.


Phone-to-phone is an extremely cheap way to call from Betamax that makes your telephone ring and when you answer it starts calling the other partner you wanted to call. In this way you don't pay from your telephone.
In this web page there is a simple php script that you can use to start phone-to-phone calls using any of the Betamax providers (justvoip.com, voipbuster.com, 12voip.com, etc.) without needing to log in manually. With it, each person you want to call has an URL that once opened you receive the call. It also allows to set calls from cell phones with internet like WAP phones, Pocket PC / Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, etc.


Make a quick test of the script:

Your number (ex. 00491760000001):
The number you want to call (ex. 00491760000002):

You can download the latest source from the new SVN repository here call.php and install it in your server or you can use the one installed on this server (do not abuse/missuse it). If the script is called without parameters it generates a form.

NEW: Betamax added a capcha on the login form when they detect many requests from the same IP. Therefore the script installed in our server is unlikely to work. To workaround this problem, install the script in your server, or your local machine. Why would Betamax want limit people using their service???!!

NEW: Now you need to download "Simpletest". Download it at http://simpletest.org Simply decompress "simpletest_1.1.0.tar.gz" into the same folder where call.php is located. Alternatively you can try adding method=1 to avoid using Simpletest, which is faster but less robust.

NEW: The call.php script has been updated to work again with the new Betamax system. Last update 25/Nov/2013. It supports easyvoip.com and cosmovoip.com.

NEW: There is a new application for Android Phones that automatically calls using this script. The app is named "Phone2Phone InternetCalling" and it's freeware:

Betamax, always improving, allows now to access to your contact list from the web site. The new Betamax phone-to-phone.php file has again some variables in the javascript: "connection1.send(var1=...", "connection2.send(var1=..." etc. up to connection7.send. If anybody has an idea what they are for, please tell me. This can be related with the randomly Denies of Service (DoS) that in some occasions happens.

FEATURE: Use the hidelogin=3 variable to create your ready-to-dial forms (more information below).

FEATURE: The script also works now with actionvoip.com thanks to Stefano who gave an account to test.

FEATURE: The script gives error descriptions when the login fails. The other possible error messages that you can get are:
- "Login Error:": Error with the login. Description of the error comes after.
- "Failed": Login ok. The call could not be started
- "Not calling?": Login ok. The script succeeded setting the call but not getting the call status => maybe the call does not start
- "Calling!": The script succeed in starting the call and getting the call status => the call start

FEATURE: In case of wrong or missing parameters, the script shows a form to enter or correct them. Therefore you can now call the script without parameters and enter them directly in the generated form (i.e. /call.php).

SUPPORT: Miquéias Reale (Reale Tech) gave support to this project. Thanks to him, we have a SVN server and with it, it will be easier to update the scripts. Support can be given with a donation here.

FEATURE: The script now retries to establish the call in case the Betamax server could not start the call because of server overload.

FEATURE: The script now controls and displays the call prices and also the remaining balance.

NEW: If you add &hidelogin=3 to the URL the login information is not displayed. In this way you can
For example, you can store this URL in you telephone favorites and open it every time you want to call, not having to enter the destination telephone you want to call:

We created also a script to send SMS with Betamax, please check below for more information.

You can download and use both the scripts, or you can use the ones installed on this server (again, please do not abuse/missuse it).

The script to make calls installed on this server is at this URL:
and an example of using it would be:

The full Sintax is:

The advantage of this script is that it works even form a mobile WAP connection, which makes it usefull to stablish the calls and call from a handy with the internet low rates.

It is also compatible (and recomendable) with WAP flat rates like o2flat or similiar, but all in all the generated traffic is really few, which paying per KB with GPRS is really cheap.

This script was thought to be called directly by the URL (to minimize the generated traffic and to be able to have the possible calls in the favorites or in a contact list with links), but you can call it directly and it will show a form. You can personalize this form with an example form like this one, or for the SMS.PHP script like this one.


A practical application to call cheap from a mobile phone automatically can be the following one (this is valid for any kind of mobile, not only PDAs):

Adding in the Web-Page field of the contact, not his/her web page, but the link to call him/her:

Then to call him/her automatically it is only needed to select the web page instead of the telephone.
On this telephone the GPRS connection starts automatically:

and the web page opens automatically:

And after few seconds the telephone rings with the call.

Therefore with this script, if you store the right website on each of your most used contacts, you can call quickly, worldwide, without computer, from your your mobile and at cheap internet rates!!
You only have to select the contact and open its webpage.


Codi creat per M Minoves, tots els drets reservats. Sota llicència GNU/GPL però per modificació o adaptació contactar amb l'autor.
Code created by M Minoves, All rights reserved. Under GNU/GPL licence but for modification notificate the author.



Explanations are bilingual in catalan and english

La sintaxis és la següent: / URL syntax is the following:

Està instalat a / It is installed at:

Un exemple senzill podria ser / A simplified example could be:

Explicació dels parametres principals / Explanation of the main parameters:
(Per un llistat complert mira el fitxer: / For a complete list take a look inside: call.php)

provider=justvoip.com Proveidor de Betamax / Betamax provider used ex: justvoip.com, voipbusterpro.com, internetcalls.com ..

( Price comparision at http://backsla.sh/betamax )


easyvoip.com This server uses another new method for authentication, but it is supported.

disp=1 Ensenya el header i el contingut de les pàgines que descarrega. / Show the header and the content of the downloaded pages

server= Url del compte Betamax (No necessari) / Betamax account URL (Not needed) ex. 'https://myaccount.justvoip.com'

default=0034 Si un número de telèfon no està en format internacional, assumeix que aquest prefix / If one telephone number is not specified in the international format, it assumes it will have as prefix

forcea=0034 Força un prefix als numeros / Forces the numbers to have one prefix

us=USER Usuari i contrasenya / Account user and password

tela=TELEPHONEA Telèfon origen / Source telephone
telb=TELEPHONEB Telèfon destí / Destination telephone

For a complete list of all parameters, check the explanation inside the source code.

// Installation notes on a server / Instal·lació avançada en un servidor:

The only mainly server requirement is that you have to have installed the OpenSSL (i.e.: 0.9.7i 14 Oct 2005) in order to let the script login to the secure server. This means that your scripts can open secure https pages. You do not need to have CURL installed for this script. This script has been tested on a FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.10-RELEASE #5 with the PHP Version 4.4.4 It shouldn't be dependant on the version, but I have tried several PHP servers and some configurations did not work. I managed to make it work on a PHP Version 4.3.4 on a Windows NT 6.0 build 6000 by commenting the whole BE3B section. Betamax maybe checks the way the socket connections are performed in order to detect fake browsers (like this one), and in that case applies automatically the logout method. If somebody knows another reason please tell me.

You are also free to use the already installed script on such a server at:

Which with all the sintax would be:

Script to send SMS:

A long time ago we created another script to send SMS using Betamax as well. This sms.php script is not any more needed when using the new official way to send SMS (see below). You can download here sms.php the source of the program to send SMS, at the cheap web price rates or even for free. It is also optimized for wap users. Instructions about how to use it are also inside.

Another PHP script to start calls or send SMS using Betamax (and many many other things) is the one from Simon G.

Betamax communicated us a new official way to send SMS (no to start calls):
Updated link: https://provider/myaccount/sendsms.php?username=xxx&password=xxx&from=00xx&to=00xx&text=xxx
Old link: https://myaccount.provider/clx/sendsms.php?username=xxxxxxxxxx&password=xxxxxxxxxx&from=xxxxxxxxxx&to=xxxxxxxxxx&text=xxxxxxxxxx
Explanation of the variables: *provider: provider domain, for example smsdiscount.com *username: your SMS Discount username *password: your SMS Discount password  *from: your username or your verified phone number. Always use international format for the number starting with +, for instance +491701234567  *to: the number you wish to send the sms to. Always use international format starting with +, for instance +491701234567  *text: the message you want to send


I developed and published this script because I think it is not against any agreement with Betamax.
In fact they should be aware that this is a promotion of people having/opening accounts with them. It is a service that they could already offer, and that I programmed for free for non lucrative personal interest.
If anybody thinks this goes against or it is illegal please contact me.


NEW: HOW TO COLLABORATE WITH THE MAINTENANCE: If you like this program you can give me a beer! All donations are voluntary. They are all welcome and they help me paying the server maintenance and "buying time" to keep updating the script.



You can also contact me here